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Our Phoenix Mac Support Geniuses come from various backgrounds and experience ranging from Graphic Design, Video Editing, IT Support to Mac training, iPhone & iPod Repair and Apple store experience. While most of us have experience using the Mac Computers since college, we felt the Mac was the kind of computer we all were supposed to be using; one that provided a more human-centered approach. Apple was right to call it "a computer for the rest of us."   

Our companay was created Realizing the growing popularity of the Apple Mac market and the need for specialized support, training and Mac service in the the Phoenix AZ area.

While working as a Phoenix Mac support provider we have a great opportunity to blend several of our interests and skills we're passionate about "mediating" between people and computers, helping our clients to get the most from their Mac. There’s nothing like seeing a person’s eyes light up when they say, "I didn't know I could do that!"  :)

There's little that Mac Masters — working on Macs exclusively for over 10 years — hasn't seen or done on a Mac. But if it appears your particular need is likely better addressed by a different kind of specialist, we will gladly make the referral.

Why not phone Mac Masters right now at (480) 719-4860 and speak to one of our trained Mac Specialists about your particular issue. There's never a charge to discuss your needs and what Mac Masters can do to help.

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